Apple – dealing with 2

To continue with what we started in our previous post.

This morning, on Tue. 27 Aug. 2019, we got this in an email from the Apple Store at Castle Hill:-

This was our response, more or less immediately:-

To us, it’s nothing short of bizarre, that all this has been gone through, and that we still haven’t got what we wanted in the first place, for ourselves and our readers – a way in which, by sending an email, a reservation could be made at the Genius Bar? Our reader says that on Wed. 21 Aug. 2019 – after two occasions when he visited the Castle Hill store physically, which it took to even find out that it had an ordinary address, (he was initially told by one of their people that they didn’t have one!) – 6 days ago, this email was sent:-

and 6 days later, nothing!

In the world we dream of, Apple stores would have ordinary email addresses readily available on their websites, and when it was used to send something like the above, either , a reservation would be made, or, we’d get, by return, the steps to be taken to have one made.

It could be argued that we’re half way there. We have an ordinary email address –

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