Getting Apple support

To get Apple phone and chat support, first do a Google search on “apple support live chat.” This result will usually appear as the ┬ásecond result:-

(Please note: The first result is usually this:-

Whatever you do, don’t click on this, as, if you do, you won’t be taken to Apple Support at all but to Just Answer – it’s a trick! Just Answer usually asks you to pay a nominal deposit, say, $5, before any answers are provided, and stories abound on the internet of the details you provide in paying this $5 being used by Just Answer to take all sorts of moneys to which they’re not entitled and of you not being able to get it back – as well as of answers being provided being mediocre at best. If any of our readers feel this comment is unfair, please email us at )

So click on this second result, and you will be taken to a page in which this appears:-

Click on the “Get help >” at the bottom, and you will be taken to this:-

Click on that you need help with – say, “Mac,” – and you will be taken to this:-

When you click on one of these, you will be taken this:-

From there, you can proceed to talking to someone on the phone or having a chat.

The aim of this post is that you should be able to print it out, and follow it step by step. If any of our readers feel that it could improved in any way, or have a comment or a question, please email us at

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