How to Contact the Apple Online Live Chat Support Team?

Note: If you use this link, you are taken to another article on this subject, authored by a Surhat Kurt, last updated on 13 Apr. 2018. We have sought to make what’s below simpler and easier to use. But Kurt’s article does also include 69 comments, some of which readers may find useful.

Note: It is recommended that, before they start, readers print this post out, as, having a copy beside you, may make it easier to follow.

Important: Before starting, make sure you’ve got your Apple Serial number on hand. You can get it from the screen shot which will appear if you click once on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen, and then on, “About this Mac.”

Important: As soon as you start dealing with an Apple consultant in a chat session, take a note of  “Your Case ID” – it can save you from having to go over everything again if you lose contact with your first consultant, as has happened to us.

Step 1. Click on, and you’ll be taken to a page or pages that include this.

Step 2. Choose a product – for the purpose of this exercise, we chosen “Mac Notebooks,” and clicked on it. If you do this you’ll be taken to a page with 8 suggested topics including this.

Step 3. For the purpose of this exercise, we’ve clicked on “Other Mac Topics,” and if you do this, you’ll be taken to.

Step 4. Click once on “The topic is not listed,” and you’ll be taken to this.

Step 5. Describe your issue in the area provided, and then click once on “Continue,” and you’ll be taken to a page or pages that include this.

Step 6. Click on this and you’re taken to this.

Step 7: Click once on “Continue,” and we were taken to this, which may not happen to others using this guide.

Step 8: But this didn’t stop us from getting to a chat – we simply clicked on “Request an exception,” which took us to this.

And when we clicked on, “I recently purchased Mac OS X,” (even though we hadn’t!) we were taken to this.

i.e. we were all set for a chat session with an Apple consultant – we’ve only had one and learnt so much and found it so helpful.

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