Technology people explaining things properly.

It’s said that when the concept of Apple Genius Bars was first suggested to Steve Jobs, he just laughed, saying that he’d never known anyone who could explain technology things properly.

It reminds us of this Dilbert cartoon.

We know the feeling!

We’re about, firstly, locating people who can explain technology things properly, to us and our readers – and for us, explaining technology things properly means explaining them in writing, and providing step by step instructions where technology tasks are to be carried out. We are just getting going, but, if you have a technology issue that needs explaining or a technology question that needs answering, send it to us, and we may be able to refer you to someone who can explain it to you properly, in writing, for which there will never be any charges from us.

And secondly, we’re about publicising people who are in the business of explaining technology things properly in writing. If you’re in that business, send us your details and we’ll pass them on to our readers.

And if ever we find people who are better at these things than us, we’ll refer you to them.

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